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Music scores

Step-by-step methods to help you find printed and digital scores.

Printed scores

Using Library Search allows you to combine the surname of the composer, the title of the music score and narrow the scope of the search to retrieve only music scores in the displayed results.

Search tips for Scores

  • Include the composer's surname
  • Include the instrument (piano, violoncello, violin)
  • Use the plural of the music genre (sonatas, suites, concertos) - See Uniform Titles tab.
  • Use unique numbers. Enter the numbers only. If the score is Opus 101, only enter 101.
  1. Go to Library Search and enter the details.
  2. Restrict to the content type Scores under "Content type".

If you are unsure of the correct title or unique number of the music score you are searching for, refer to the Oxford Music Online (Grove Online) Database.

Search Databases for Oxford Music Online (Grove Online)

From the Oxford Music online database, search for composer by surname. For example, Mozart.  This will display a list of associated results for Mozart. Select the Biography entry for Wolfgang Armadeus Mozart.

From the composer's Biography page, select the 'works' tab.