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Evidence-based practice in health sciences

Locating best evidence: a step by step approach

Step 4: Appraise the evidence

Not all evidence can be trusted and knowing how to critically appraise it for yourself is vitally important.

Videos on critical appraisal

Introduction to Critical Appraisal Videos 1 - 3 examine 10 principles that can be applied when critically appraising literature .

Critical appraisal - Part 1 (YouTube, 3m19s) explains why this process is necessary.

Critical Appraisal - Part 2 (YouTube, 12m9s)  examines 1 to 5 of the 10 principles.

Critical Appraisal - Part 3 (YouTube, 5m45s) examines 6 to 10 of the 10 principles.

Readings on critical appraisal

Look at these readings to learn more about appraisal: