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History: Asia

History of Asian nations including primary sources


Historical atlases

A historical or cultural atlas brings together the study of time and place.  The maps are placed in their historical, cultural, social, economic or political context.  They depict the:

"historical geography of a particular region at a defined time period"

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They may include chronologies, detail the formation of states and empires, migration of people, trade routes or other cultural or economic aspects.  They may also include lists of rulers and bibliographies.

To discover historical atlases in UQ Library Search use the keyword or subject term of "maps" in the advanced search.  When including other keywords remember to keep them broad.  For instance, when using the subject terms of "Indonesia", "history" and "maps" you will retrieve the Historical atlas of Indonesia.


Biographical dictionaries

Biographical dictionaries may give brief life histories on a specific topic, provide information on the lives of a particular group or neglected groups place or country.

To discover biographical dictionaries in UQ Library Search use the keyword or subject term "biography" in the advanced search.  For instance, using the subject terms of "women", "China", "biography", and "dictionaries" will find the Biographical Dictionary of Chinese Women.