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This guide will help you find reference resources, books, journal articles, working papers, news and statistics related to the study of economics.


 Use these key databases to find journal articles:

General reference works, encyclopedias, handbooks and dictionaries

These general  works fprovide a broad overview of your issue or topic

Find introductory material using Library Search by combining a topic keyword with one of the material type descriptors above, e.g. encyclopedia of economics.

Some good books to start with:

Getting started

 Access recommended books, journals, databases and websites for your assignments and research

Referencing styles

 Referencing is acknowledging other's work or ideas that you have used in your assignment. There are many different referencing styles. Check your subject outline or ask your lecturer which one you need to use.

The school of Economics does not recommend any particular styles of referencing. This Referencing styles page provides guides for the most common styles used at UQ.