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Find academic, production, industry and archival resources related to drama and theatre.

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 Access recommended books, journals, databases and websites for your Drama assignments and research. Locate and view available stage productions.

Finding introductory material

Consult introductory material for a broad overview of your issue or topic, and to identify key concepts, theories and researchers in the field. Introductory material may include :

  • subject or discipline specific dictionaries and encyclopedias 
  • handbooks
  • companions
  • introductions
  • guides
  • histories

Find introductory material by combining a topic keyword with one of the material type descriptors above, e.g. "theatre performance" handbook.

These are some examples of introductory material available for this subject in the Library. The list is not extensive, and you should perform your own search to see what else is available in our collections.

Key databases to find coursework and research material

Databases to find scholarly journal articles and eBooks

Databases to find play scripts, stage productions and film adaptations

For more information on available databases in our collections, go to the Databases and journals section of this guide.

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