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Using NVivo in systematic reviews

How you can use NVivo in completing systematic reviews

Using NVivo

NVivo- "how to" videos

On this page you will find very short videos, ranging from less than two minutes to almost nine minutes, covering the use of various facets of NVivo 11 for Windows. There are many videos available online about using NVivo which are generally much longer and more comprehensive. The links on the page below will take you to "snippets" of some of those longer videos and are intended to give focused information quickly and easily. These videos are not intended to replace the need for training but to supplement it. When playing the videos you will notice that only a small section of the video's time slider will be highlighted, that is the section that will play. If you move the slider outside of the highlighted area the entire video will become active.

Mind Map

Even before you upload your collected articles for review into NVivo you may have an idea of what concepts you wish to explore or you may want to brainstorm ideas. You can do this by creating a Mind Map(4:38). As well as giving you a visual aid a Mind Map can help you to create a node structure.

Importing sources from EndNote or Zotero into NVivo

Once you have done your document gathering and have your documents in an EndNote (Exporting from EndNote(3:22) ; Importing into NVivo(5:49)) or Zotero(4:44) library they can be imported directly into NVivo

Nodes and coding

Nodes and Coding(2:18) are fundamental to understanding NVivo. Nodes are the containers within which the coded data sits.

Word Frequency Query and Text Search Query

To determine an appropriate node structure you may want to use Mind Maps or a Query. A Word Frequency Query (5:54) tells you which words are used most often in your chosen sources. A Text Search Query (6:48) allows you to search for specific words within your sources and allows you to see them in context.

Manual coding and Coding Stripes

While reading, sections of text can be Coded to Nodes. If a PDF document’s text cannot be recognized it can still be Coded By Region(0:53). Coding Stripes(2:01) show into which nodes elements of an article have been coded.

Framework Matrix and Matrix Coding Query

The Framework Matrix (6:47) and Matrix Coding Query (3:41) allow you to compare coded material across different demographics or among themes allowing patterns in the data to be discerned.

Explore Diagram

The Explore Diagram(1:39) helps you to visualise connections between articles

NVivo training