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Geographical information systems (GIS)

This guide contains resources for researchers about Geographical Information system resources

What is spatial data?

Ask your librarian   Spatial data is any type of information that has a locational attribute. This data can include information about the location, size, shape and configuration of objects. Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and other specialised software are used to access, visualise, and analyse these datasets. Spatial data is available in a variety of formats from numerous publishers, including government, academic and corporate organisations. This section of the guide provides links to key sources of local, national and global spatial data.

Data types

Look for these common file formats that work well with many GIS applications:

  • Shapefiles (.shp)
  • Keyhole Markup Language (.kml or .kmz)
  • GeoTIFF (.tiff)
  • GPS eXchange format (.gpx)
  • Comma-separated values (.csv)

Queensland datasets

Australian datasets