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University of Queensland Library Guide on finding books, databases and journal articles on microbiology topics

Key databases

 Use these key databases to find journal articles and other data:

  • PubMed - Citations and abstracts for biomedical literature including research, clinical practice, administration, policy issues, and healthcare services.
  • Web of Science - A collection of citation databases and citation analysis tools covering the sciences, social sciences, arts and humanities.
  • Scopus  - A multidisciplinary abstract and citation database of peer reviewed literature, book reviews and conference proceedings.
  • Embase - Biomedical and pharmacological bibliographic records from EMBASE and MEDLINE.
  • BioCyc - BioCyc is a collection on 14,560 Pathway/Genome databases (PGDBs), plus software tools for exploring them. It includes over 10,000 selected publications, with a focus on E.coli, B.subtilis, H.sapiens and S.cerevisiae. 

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Instructional videos

 LinkedIn Learning (formerly

A collection of online training videos and tutorials focusing on software and skills in IT, design and business.

CLIPS - Communication learning in practice for scientists

JoVE - Journal of visualized education (video modules on immunology and infection)

Get started

 How to find books, databases and journal articles on microbiology, virology and immunology related topics.

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