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Tests - education and psychology

A guide to finding tests used in the fields of education and psychology.

Mental Measurements Yearbook

Mental Measurements Yearbook (MMY) is a major source for finding test reviews.  The Mental Measurements Yearbook provides the fulltext of expert reviews of tests.  The MMY is available at UQ Library online and in print.

To find reviews of tests on a particular subject, using the online Mental Measurements Yearbook

  • choose a "Test Category", such as Behavior Assessment
  • click "Search" to see a list of tests on that subject. 

For more specific topics, do a keyword search.  For example, a search for "empowerment" will find reviews of tests such as The Empowerment Inventory.

Each record provides a link to the fulltext of the test review.

In the print version of the MMY, use the subject index at the back of each volume to find reviews of tests on a particular subject.

Reviews in journal articles

Reviews of tests, and other articles which deal with the use of tests in research, teaching, and other applications, are also published in journal articles. Find these articles by searching UQ Library Search or searching the electronic databases for Psychology and Education.

Tip for finding test reviews in both UQ Library Search and individual databases: use an Advanced search. Look for articles where the name of the test appears in the article title.

Useful databases for finding reviews of educational and psychological tests include:

Other test review publications

The most important sources of test reviews are specialised reference publications which provide descriptions and expert reviews of tests. The following are available in the UQ Library: