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Legal writing resources

Use this guide to find books, tools and resources about academic and professional writing for law students and lawyers.

Case notes

Browse subject headings

Use the following subject headings to locate relevant works:

AGLC guidance

Part 1 of the Australian Guide to Legal Citation offers some guidance on:

  • quotations (rule 1.5)
  • punctuation (rule 1.6)
  • capitalisation (rule 1.7)
  • italicisation (rule 1.8)
  • spelling and grammar (rule 1.9)
  • headings and titles (rule 1.12)
  • bibliographies (rule 1.13)

Reference works

If you are unsure about how to spell a word, check the Macquarie Dictionary or Oxford English Dictionary. Consult Fowler's Dictionary of Modern English Usage for questions about grammar and usage.