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Equine science

Resources and information for equine science

Writing and citing

All information sources used in your writing must be clearly, concisely and accurately cited. Your reference list must include all the information sources and the works you have quoted or referred to in your paper.

Referencing (a standardised way of acknowledging the sources of information and ideas) is important to:

  • avoid plagiarism
  • verify quotations
  • show that you have researched the topic
  • enable others to follow up on what you have written
  • locate cited work

Complete the Academic Integrity Modules.

For help with writing you can take a class run by Student Services or access their notes on writing a literature review online at their webpage. You can also access the Library for books on academic writing 

Assignment tips and assistance

Referencing Style

There are many different referencing styles. Establish which style you are going to use in the early stage of writing to avoid time-consuming editorial work.   Always check with your advisor if there is a recommended style, and if you are submitting a paper for publication in a journal always consult the journal's guidelines for authors.

Remember a key to producing quality writing lies with your consistent use of a style and proof reading for errors before submission.

See Referencing Style Guides for examples.

Referencing software

Using a referencing (bibliographic) management software eg. EndNote, is useful as it allows you to format your bibliography in multiple referencing styles when working with MS Word. 

Digital Essentials

Digital Essentials

Self-paced online tutorials that will guide you through searching for information and completing your assignments.

Modules include: