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Find resources to help you with your study and research in the field of Education.

Getting started with UQ Library: for Education students

This interactive book was developed specifically for Education students to build your skills in searching for and using information for your studies and research.

Approximate completion times are provided for each chapter. This approximation does not account for clicking through to every link provided but is a good estimate of the time required to gain a good understanding of the content and to complete the quizzes.

Finding introductory material

A good starting point for research is to consult introductory material to get a broad overview of your topic and to identify key concepts, theories and researchers in the field. Introductory material may include subject or discipline specific dictionaries and encyclopedias, handbooks, introductions or guides.

Find introductory material in Library Search by combining a topic keyword with one of the material type descriptors above, for example: 'educational leadership handbook'.

Below are a few examples of introductory material available for Education in the Library. For more suggestions, check out Finding education reference books.

Key education databases

 Once you have a broad understanding of your topic, use these key databases to find academic resources relating to the field of Education.

Other databases relevant to the field of Education can be found on the Databases page of this guide.

Digital Essentials

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Modules include: