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Data Deposit Checklist

Follow this simple checklist before depositing your dataset

Data deposit checklist

Before you deposit a dataset to UQ eSpace, make sure you have followed our Data Deposit Checklist. This will ensure your data is prepared for publishing and you have met all permissions, licenses, policy or other data agreements.

About UQ General Usage Terms and Conditions

University of Queensland provides standard license agreements, or terms and conditions, for researchers publishing their datasets in eSpace.  The terms and conditions ensure that downloads and reuse of your data will be properly acknowledged.

There are four options available:

1. Permitted reuse with acknowledgment

2. Permitted reuse with a commercial use restriction

3. Permitted reuse with share-alike requirement

4. Permitted reuse only with a Data Sharing Agreement in place between UQ and recipient

You can read each of these terms and conditions in full by following the links above.


For further help with research data management contact the Librarian team or email