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Dentistry and Oral Health

Access recommended books, journals, databases and websites for your assignments and research in dentistry and oral health.

Library Search: Books

Books can be an excellent source of high quality information for many subjects. 

You can opt to search just for books from Library Search by selecting 'Books' from the drop down menu. This will search all physical and eBooks in the UQ Library collections.

Selecting 'books' from the drop down menu

You can also limit to just the millions of eBooks available via UQ Library:

  How to access and use eBooks

Finding your textbooks

To find textbooks for your course:

  1. Go to Library Search
  2. At the first drop down box choose Course reading lists
  3. Type in the course code


Browse the shelves

 Use call numbers to browse items on Library shelves.

Dentistry books will be in the range RK

Open educational resources (OER)

eBooks and eTextbooks to legally and freely copy: Open educational resources (OER)