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Dentistry and Oral Health

Access recommended books, journals, databases and websites for your assignments and research in dentistry and oral health.

Getting publication ready

We have a website to assist you in getting ready to publish

Research data

Selecting the journal

Publishing the results of your research is a logical and important step in the research process and the choice you make regarding how and where to publish is crucial if your work is to be made accessible to the widest possible audience.

Think about -

  • who will cite your work?
  • who will use your work?
  • what's the reputation of the journal?
  • is there a match between your article and what the journal publishes?
  • what kind of perspective does the journal have?
  • is the journal linked to a society, is it national or international in focus?

Tools to help you find the appropriate journal for you

Open access

"Open access is, simply, the idea that research articles should be freely, immediately and permanently available online to anyone, rather than locked away in subscription journals as many currently are.” Zoe Corbyn, THES, 12 November 2009.

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