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Company research checklist

Below is a checklist for conducting company research.  It is a guide only.  Resources may or may not be useful depending on the company you are researching, and the questions you are trying to answer.

Click on an item in the checklist below to link to relevant resources.

1. Determine whether the company is public or private

Public Companies are listed on the stock exchange.  They are required to release detailed information on a quarterly basis. They are easier to research.

Subsidiaries are companies whose voting stock is more than 50% owned by a controlling (or parent) company As parent companies are not required to report on each of their subsidiaries these can be challenging to research.

Private Companies are not listed on the stock exchange.  They are not required to release information about themselves publically and can be challenging to research.

2. Locate financial data and annual reports (if public company)

3. Search for journal articles about the company

4. Search for analyst information

5. Search for newspaper articles

6. Research the industry in which the company operates

7. Explore key competitors

Determine the major players in the industry.  Research these companies as well!

8. Look at the company's website

What information has the company released about itself?  Can you find information for investors or press releases?

9. What information can you find on social media?

For example, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube.

10. For private companies (where information is often limited), you can also search