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Information about finding and describing maps

Where do I find maps?

Courtesy of the University of Texas Libraries, The University of Texas at Austin.

All maps, atlases and digital map data held by the University of Queensland Library are listed in Library search. Maps are available in several formats including:

  • Printed sheets or atlases
  • Digital data either on electronic databases or via the Internet

Map types - 

  • Cadastral - boundary and survey maps
  • Topographic - terrain and physical landscape
  • Geological - topographic maps with geological features including mineral resources, soil, bedrock, strata 
  • Census - population and housing
  • Administrative including Electoral and Local Government
  • Historical - any of the above
  • Bathymetric - map of underwater terrain

You will find maps online and/or in the:

  • Central Library
  • Architecture and Music Library
  • Fryer Library
  • Gatton Library
  • Library Warehouse (off-site storage of maps)

Online Resources

As well as UQ resources, there are freely available resources online and a selection is provided below.

Map of Fires in Northern Australia (NASA)






Source: Fires in Northern Australia: NASA Earth Observatory. NASA images by Jeff Schmaltz.