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Australian Dental Journal (ADJ) referencing style

Dataset - online

Elements of the citation Investigator(s)/Organisation. Title of dataset [type of medium - dataset]. Host institution name/Producer; Year of publication. URL:'url in single quote marks'. Accessed - date - day month year or month year.
  1. Queensland Health, Queensland Government. Monthly public dental waiting lists [dataset]. Queensland Government Data, 2016. URL: ''. Accessed 26 October 2016.
In-text The waiting lists in public dental...1
EndNote reference type Dataset

Investigators field:enter - the investigator/institution name

Title field: enter - name of study/resource/dataset

Data type field:  enter -  Dataset

Distributor field: enter -  the name of producer/host institution name

Year field: enter - year of publication

Access Date field: enter the date the data was accessed

URL field: enter URL