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UQ Australian Veterinary Journal referencing style

Referencing guide to the UQ AVJ numbered referencing style.

About UQ AVJ style

Citing the sources you use is important because when you draw from other peoples work in your writing and research and do not acknowledge those sources you can be accused of plagiarism or academic misconduct. Citations also allow your readers to follow the sources you have referred to in your work.

Always consult your course profile or lecturer for the preferred citation style for each course. Use this guide if your lecturer/tutor indicates that you should use the UQ AVJ style of referencing.

Adapted from Instructions for authors for submissions to the journal of the Australian Veterinary Association, published by Wiley, the Australian Veterinary Journal referencing style is based on Vancouver citing numerical style, with some variations approved for use at UQ.

Keep in mind the following points:

  • Write down all the citation details of a source as you use it.
  • Place quotation marks ‘_’ around a direct quote.
  • You are advised to check with your lecturer as to their preference on the use of page numbers.
  • The Reference List, located at the end of the assignment, lists all works cited.

Printing this guide

Access a version of the AVJ guide suitable for printing.

EndNote referencing software

EndNote is a sophisticated citation manager. Use EndNote to:

  • Create a list of references from your searches
  • Insert citations into a document
  • Produce a bibliography in any style within your document