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Publish and update course reading lists

Learn how to access, edit and maintain your course readings list. Information on how to use lists with EndNote. Understand copyright requirements and compliance.

About bookmarking

Reading lists are created by bookmarking your selected learning resources. The records you create include all resource types such as books, eBooks, journal articles, book chapters, websites and more. These are all referred to as bookmarks.

The term bookmarking is not related to the creation of bookmarks or favourites in your internet browser. It is a specific term used by Talis Aspire to describe the way resources are added to a list.

What is a bookmarklet?

  • This is the tool that bookmarks your selected readings.
  • It is installed into your web browser.

How does the bookmarklet tool work?

It can be accessed in two ways:

  1. As a bookmark or favourite (for Microsoft Edge) in your browser’s bookmark bar, or
  2. As a browser extension downloadable from the Google, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge stores.

Screenshot showing Add to My Bookmarks in Bookmark or Favourites bar and Talis browser extensionClick on image for larger version

Two icons will display on your browser once the tool is installed - Add to my Bookmarks and Talis. Either may be used to bookmark items.

For further information see Bookmarking from your web browser.

Ensure the Bookmarks Toolbar is active on your browser.

Add to your bookmark toolbar

  1. Login to Talis.
  2. Click on My Bookmarks.

My Bookmarks menu option

  1. Click on Install Bookmark Button. 

Options in the Talis software including the button "Install Bookmark Button".

  1. Add Add to My Bookmarks to your bookmarks toolbar.

Add a browser extension

Visit The bookmarking extension for information on how to add the browser extension in Edge, Chrome and Firefox.

The bookmarklet is not recommended for use on mobile devices.