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Publish and update course reading lists

Learn how to access, edit and maintain your course readings list. Information on how to use lists with EndNote. Understand copyright requirements and compliance.

How to add a section

  1. You can organise your list into different sections eg. by week, by assessment task.
  2. Hover over a reading where you'd like to add your section.
  3. A blue border with Add Resource, Add Paragraph, Add Section will appear.

  1. Click Add Section. Add the details for your section eg. Week One for the title.

  1. Click Save.

Add readings to a section

  1. You can add existing readings by dragging them to the section, using the Drag option.

Drag option in Talis

  1. If a reading isn't currently listed, hover over the section and click Add Resource.

Add resource option in Talis reading list

  1. Select the reading from your bookmarked items.
  2. Click Save.