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Publish and update course reading lists

Learn how to access, edit and maintain your course readings list. Information on how to use lists with EndNote. Understand copyright requirements and compliance.

Glossary of terms

Bookmarklet - a small application designed to help you add bookmarks to resources in your Talis reading list

Course Reading List - see Reading List

Digital Object Identifier (DOI) - a digital identifier that permanently identifies content and related metadata for an object

Library Control Number (LCN) - a metadata field element within Talis bookmarks. This can also be referred to as an MMS (see definition in this Glossary)

Library Management System (LMS) - Library Management System. The LMS currently used by the Library is Alma via Ex Libris, see Wikipedia for more info

Metadata - information about data, especially in relation to its structure and organisation

Module Management System (MMS) - used to eliminate searching for Titles/ISBNs and other bibliographic information to identify an item

Reading List - a collection of learning resources identified by a course lecturer as required, recommended or further readings.

Research Information System (RIS) - a bibliographic citation file used to save information such as Title, Author, Publication, etc.

Stable URL – a stable URL is used when an online resource does not have a DOI. Stable URLs greatly reduce the occurrence of broken links. It is also called a permalink.

Talis Aspire - the software used by the University of Queensland Library to create reading lists that provide students with access to learning resources for their courses.