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ITEE thesis coursework: Specialised information

This guide shows you how to use the Library to find literature for your thesis. It covers searching and citing information.


Standards are official publications used in industry and trade to describe specifications and procedures. Standards provide rules and recommendations for; quality, safety, performance and construction, codes of practice, methods of testing, symbols and terminology. 

For more information see the Standards How-to guide

Current lab protocols

Laboratory manuals/current protocols. Considered to be the benchmark standard for scientific research methods in a number of different disciplines.
Subject areas include: Bioinformatics, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Cytometry, Cell biology and more.

Search for these resources using Library Search.


A patent is a contract between the state and an inventor by which a temporary monopoly is granted in return for disclosing all details of the invention. For researchers, patents are an important source of scientific and technical information. Patents are often the earliest source of information on a new technology.

For more information see the Patents How-to guide

Research data

Research data are generated for different purposes and through a range of processes. It can include but is not limited to:

  • experimental or laboratory produced data
  • simulations generated from test models eg climate, mathematical or economic models
  • derivations or compilations for example text and data mining, databases, 3D models
  • collections of peer reviewed datasets published eg chemical structures, gene sequence databanks, or literary research
  • published research results including tables underpinning the published work.

For more information on finding and evaluating research data see the UQ Library Research Data guide