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ITEE thesis coursework: Annotated bibliography

This guide shows you how to use the Library to find literature for your thesis. It covers searching and citing information.

Annotated bibliography

An annotated bibliography provides:

  • an alphabetical list of references (by author's last name) presenting a brief summary of the main arguments or ideas of each resource
  • a critique or evaluation of the resource's usefulness, reliability, objectivity or bias
  • a reflection on how the resource fits into your research

Each item on the annotated bibliography should contain:

The ITEE annotated bibliography mark sheet requires:

  • At least 10 reliable, relevant references for your project
  • Research from at least 3 different publication types (e.g. journal article, conference paper, book chapter, standard, patent, thesis)
  • Annotations are original work, concise and written clearly
  • Bibliography confirms to the IEEE Referencing Guide