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Peer-reviewed journal articles

Learn what peer review is, how to check if an article is peer reviewed, and how to find peer-reviewed journal articles for your assignments.

Peer-reviewed articles

A peer-reviewed article will:

  • be written in academic language
  • have authors with academic credentials
  • have an abstract
  • have an extensive list of references.

Library Search

Library Search has an option to limit your results to peer-reviewed journals.

  1. Go to Library Search
  2. Enter your search terms
  3. Click Search
  4. On the results page, select these filters:
    • Peer-reviewed
    • Articles
  5. Click Apply Filters

Be aware that not all articles in peer-reviewed journals are refereed or peer reviewed, for example, editorials and book reviews.

Databases with peer-reviewed articles

Many databases allow you to limit your search to peer-reviewed articles.

Check for an option to do this when you search the database. For example:

Check a database's help or about pages to see if it includes peer review information.

Some databases include only peer-reviewed journal articles. For example: