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Clinical guidelines and trials

Find clinical guidelines and trials in the health sciences.

Clinical guidelines and trials for health research and patient care


Clinical guidelines

- are designed to support the decision-making process in patient care based on systematic reviews of clinical evidence,  the main source for evidence-based care.

Use this guide to help you find clinical guidelines from both Australia and overseas. 

Clinical trials

- are designed to study the effect of interventions on health outcomes.

A clinical trial is 'a research activity that involves the administration of a test regimen to humans to evaluate its efficacy and safety.'

(Last JM, International Epidemiological Association. A dictionary of epidemiology. i31366284 4th ed. New York: Oxford University Press; 2001)

Use this guide to find published or unpublished clinical trials in health sciences.

The resources in this guide may be relevant to:

  • both randomized (RCT's) and non-randomized trials
  • community trials
  • various phases of trials