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Research impact and metrics

Information on publication metrics and how it can assist in getting a grant or promotion. Measures include citation metrics, journal quality indicators, benchmarking, altmetrics and collaboration measures.

Research metrics

Research/publication metrics may indicate your research performance and attention to your research. Examples of metrics may include:

number of publications

publication citations - the number of times* a research work is cited by others

alternative metrics - based on internet mentions and attention.

* the assumption being that important or influential articles will be cited more often than other articles

Research metrics can:

  • provide evidence of influence/performance when applying for grants and promotions

  • quantify return on research investment when applying for grant renewals

  • highlight the value of your research in progress reports - including school, institute, research centre reviews and the Excellence in Research Australia framework

  • identify who is using your work.

Use this guide to find publication metrics to use when applying for grant and promotions.

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