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Curate and manage your course reading lists

Gain access and edit course reading lists. Add reading list sections to improve navigation by your students. Understand EndNote imports and exports, and consider copyright when selecting learning resources.

Course reading lists

The Library works with academic staff to provide students with access to learning resources for their courses. We create course reading lists for your students in the Library's reading lists system, Talis Aspire. Reading lists can include items such as books, journal articles, eBooks, streaming video, podcasts and other types of materials. You can update and edit the items on reading lists for your courses. This guide will show you how.

Reading lists in Talis are simple to update. Once published students are able to access them in Learn.UQ (Blackboard) in the Library Links sections of their course and via Library Search.


Benefits for teaching staff

  • Structure your lists to best suit the course content. For example you can organise your reading list by week or topic.
  • Make changes quickly and easily. You can keep your lists current and add new items as needed throughout the semester.
  • Add notes to items to give more context.

Benefits for students

  • Important readings are easier to identify, saving time.
  • Additional notes add context and aid learning.
  • Students can add their own notes, enabling better study organisation and enhanced engagement with readings.

Get assistance from the Library

Submit your learning resources

Send us your learning resources information by updating the learning resources in your Electronic Course Profile (ECP) (preferred) and Emailing us further readings and long lists of resources, if required. See Learning resources, reading lists and textbooks for more information about the submission process. 

Once your learning resource information has been submitted, the Library will:

  • Create your course reading list in Talis
  • Source your selected resources and arrange access for students
  • Manage copyright and licensing agreements.

We provide resources in accessible formats for students with a print disability.

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