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Publish a dataset with UQRDM and UQ eSpace

Helpful guide on how to use UQRDM to deposit, share and preserve datasets in UQ eSpace

Frequently Asked Questions

How can people access my dataset?

Dataset records in UQ eSpace are discoverable via Google and Research Data Australia's data portal. In addition, UQ eSpace is indexed in Clarivate's Data Citation Index. The DOI attached to your dataset links back to the eSpace record. 

Always cite your dataset in any of your publications, which then guides researchers to the original data.

When a researcher discovers your dataset record in eSpace, they can either click on the link to download the dataset (Open Access) or request access to the data (Mediated Access).


My journal editor has requested access to my data, and needs a DOI. What can I do?

Often journals will request access to the data underpinning a publication. Publishing your dataset to UQ eSpace using the UQRDM system meets this requirement.

You can choose to publish your dataset as Open Access, and provide the DOI to the journal. Alternatively, you can publish the dataset as Mediated Access. This will give you a DOI which can be provided to meet the journal's requirements. 

Data owners can also generate temporary access to a mediated dataset for an editor or peer reviewer to look at the dataset. Follow the instructions for Granting Access to Mediated Dataset.