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Researcher identifiers and profiles: Scopus author identifier

Information on establishing and using researcher identifier and profile systems.

Scopus author identifier

Scopus author identifier collates publications you have authored and are indexed by the Scopus database  in one unique author profile.

Your profile will include:

  • a list your publications (from which you can view article level metrics)
  • details about your citations and co-authors
  • your h-index 

Scopus matches author names based on their affiliation, address, subject area, source title, dates of publications and co-authors.

You can make sure the database is collecting all your publications under your profile by completing the Scopus author feedback wizard  (it can take up to 7 days for your profiles to be fully merged and the changes to appear in the Scopus database).

If you are unable to find a publication, if there is a problem with the citation count or you have feedback, contact the Scopus help desk.

How do I get a Scopus author ID?

Scopus automatically generates your Scopus Author ID when you have a publication indexed in the Scopus database - so no registration, login or account is required.  If you have not published in a journal indexed in the Scopus database you will not have any Author ID.

To find your Scopus Author ID:

  • Use the Authors Search with your name ONLY to identify all profiles under that name in Scopus. If you can see only one profile in the results, select the author name to open and view the profile details, and verify that these are your publications - note the Author ID is displayed under affiliation details in this record.
  • If you can identify that there is more than one profile for you in search results by checking publications listed, you will need to complete the Scopus author feedback wizard to combine into a single ID- you will receive an email with your Scopus Author ID details within 2 weeks. 

** If you wish to link your Scopus Author ID to your ORCID ID you can simultaneously merge duplicate profiles and populate your ORCID with your publication list by using the Scopus2ORCID Wizard. See procedure below.

Link your Scopus author identifier to UQ eSpace - for UQ staff & HDR Students

  1. Log in to UQ Researcher Identifiers
  2. Click Link this identifier in the Scopus Author Identifier box (3rd box)
  3. Complete the Scopus2ORCID Wizard to:
    • consolidate all your Scopus publications under a unique Scopus author profile,
    • connect your Scopus ID and ORCiD,
    • send the full list of Scopus publications to ORCiD
  4. You will be asked to login to your ORCID account and authorize Scopus to read your information, as well as send your publication list to your ORCID record. If you have not yet created an ORCID profile using the UQ Researchers Identifiers App, you will be able to do so during the process that follows).

  5. Note the Scopus AuthorID which is now showing in your ORCID profile left hand menu (if this is not immediately visible please wait 48 hours and then contact the library for further assistance)
  6. Enter this identifier in the field in "Step 2" and click Link to complete the process and connect to UQ eSpace