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Researcher identifiers and profiles: Other public profiles

Information on establishing and using researcher identifier and profile systems.

What about other sites that provide a profile and networks?

ResearchGate encourages researchers to:

  • share publications and research
  • connect with colleagues
  • find collaborators
  • follow fields of interest and individual researchers
  • write short reviews on published works

IMPORTANT - refer to the Social Networks and Copyright before sharing your publications on ResearchGate is a social network where you can:

  • share your research publications
  • follow researchers in your field

Loop is an open network for researchers that integrates journals and academic websites to showcase publications and achievements.

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LinkedIn is a publicly available professional networking site that can:

  • display your experience and specialties
  • enable you to connect with others professionally

Improve your visibility and maximise your network with other researchers with 7 tips to supercharge your academic LinkedIn profile

Mendeley enables you to:

  • create and manage references
  • promote your new publications and conferences
  • collaborate with colleagues
  • track how often your publications are viewed
  • network with industry individuals from around the world

Social Science Research Network (SSRN) allows those in the social sciences and humanities to:

  • share their research
  • access other academics' research
  • communicate directly with authors and other subscribers about their research

The Loop is a career network for creative talent in Australia where you can:

  • create a profile
  • showcase your work with folios and resumes
  • engage and collaborate with a like-minded community 
  • view job listings and job alerts (including freelance work)

Twitter is social networking site where you can read and send 140 character messages called "tweets".

You can use Twitter to follow researchers and increase the visibility of your own research.

Facebook is a social networking site where you:

  • create a profile
  • add "friends"
  • exchange messages
  • post updates
  • share photos and videos.