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Researcher identifiers and profiles: Get started

Information on establishing and using researcher identifier and profile systems.


Welcome to the Researcher Identifiers and Profiles guide where you can find out more about establishing your identity and getting credit for your work.

Why are there multiple researcher identifier schemes?

Researchers may have the same or similar names causing an author ambiguity problem in the scholarly research community.

To disambiguate names and identify individuals uniquely, several organisations have implemented varying code schemas to meet the needs of their systems.

If your identifiers are not established and up-to-date, you may not be getting credit for your work.

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What profiles do I need?

ORCID Essential - get one and use it

Google Scholar Citations Profile


Essential - establish and keep updated


Recommended -
especially if you have publications indexed in the Web of Science database
Scopus Author Identifier

Created for you if you have publications indexed in Scopus - search for yourself or your papers in Scopus to see if you have this ID

Publons Recommended -
if you are peer reviewing articles
UQ eSpace Automatically created when you are employed at UQ
UQ Researchers Automatically created when you are employed as a researcher at UQ
Other public profiles -
ResearchGate,, Loop, LinkedIn, SSRN, The Loop, Twitter, Facebook