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Research data management: Ownership

Research data management covers the planning, collecting, organising, managing, storage, security, backing up, preserving, and sharing your data.

Ownership and intellectual property

The University of Queensland asserts custodianship over research data for all research covered by the Research Data Management Policy. However, this custodianship does not override any intellectual property rights which may also arise in regards to research data. Ownership and intellectual property of research data can be quite complex, and may involve issues such as whether the research is funded by a grant-making body, is the research a collaboration with other institutions, does it have commercial potential or applications. Ownership and rights issues for research data should be clarified at the very beginning of a research project, as such issues will affect any future storage, sharing or re-use of the data.

Licensing your data

With the increasing move towards research data sharing, anyone wanting to share data needs to understand licensing.  The UQ Research Data Management Policy encourages researchers to make their data available for reuse.  One of the essential ingredients of re-usable data is clarity of reuse permissions, terms, and conditions.

A license grants permissions around usage of your data, and stipulates what can and can't be done with that data. The Australian National Data Service (ANDS) provides prospective data re-users with information on the terms and conditions that apply to sharing research data. Appropriate licensing of research data is important to provide clarity on the terms and conditions of reuse of that data. By being explicit with clear licensing you remove a potential barrier to reuse of your research data.

The University of Queensland Library

Provides a standard license agreement for researchers publishing their datasets in UQ eSpace.The licence agreement ensures downloads and reuse of data is properly acknowledged and attributed.

Australian Governments Open Access and Licensing Framework (AusGOAL)

AusGOAL guides you through a set of simple questions (the Licensing Review). Answering these determines the most appropriate license to attach to your database or information. The AusGOAL suite of licenses includes:

Creative Commons Licence Logo

Since the output of most research is intended for reuse, a licence, such as a Creative Commons Attribution licence, should be applied to make that intention explicit. In addition, appropriate author / copyright holder attribution details should also be supplied.

For further information refer to ANDS' Data Re-use and Licensing Frameworks.

UQ policies

The following UQ policies are useful for addressing issues around research data and ownership, for UQ researchers.

Further advice on ownership