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Research impact and metrics: measuring attention (altmetrics)

Information for UQ researchers on research impact and how it can assist in getting a grant or promotion. Measures include citation metrics, journal quality indicators, benchmarking, altmetrics and collaboration measures.

Measure your attention with altmetrics

Altmetrics or alternative metrics can include:

  • Engagements on social media (likes, retweets, comments)
  • News articles
  • Blog posts
  • Awards

Altmetrics track quantity, not quality and must be provided within a context.

Learn more about Altmetrics

Altmetrics for


Find your Altmetric Attention Scores

  1. Search for your publications in UQ eSpace
  2. Click the number under the coloured donut to the right of the publication
    If there is no number, the article may not have an Altmetric score

 or add an Altmetric Bookmarklet to instantly get article altmetrics for any recent paper

More ways of measuring your publications' attention