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Researcher identifiers and profiles

Information on establishing and using researcher identifier and profile systems


ResearcherID is a Clarivate Analytics product to uniquely identify researchers and associate them with their published works.

When you register, you are assigned a unique ID and a profile that you should add your publications to via the Web of Science database (also a Clarivate Analytics product). This will enable you to see citation metrics for publications added to your ResearcherID account. 

It is important that you only ever have one ResearcherID so if you are unsure if you already have one search for yourself in ResearcherID before creating one.

How do I get a ResearcherID?

To create a ResearcherID or link an existing ResearcherID account to UQ eSpace:

  1. Log in to UQ Researcher Identifiers
  2. Click Link this identifier in the ResearcherID box (2nd box)
  3. Click the appropriate radio button and enter your email and ResearcherID (if you already have one)
  4. Click Submit

Your ResearcherID will by linked and/or created within 1-2 working days.

By linking your ResearcherID to UQ eSpace, your publications from the Web of Science database will  be automatically downloaded to your UQ eSpace profile from your up-to-date ResearcherID account on a weekly basis. 

As a research student you can register for a ResearcherID

Use this ResearcherID throughout your career

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Add publications to your ResearcherID

Always add your publications to your ResearcherID publication list via Web of Science (if available in Web of Science).

This will provide you with a variety of citation metrics including your h-index, career citation count, citations per paper and collaboration metrics, according to Web of Science.

To add publications from Web of Science:Dropdown selection to select Save to ResearcherID - I wrote these option

  1. Search for and select your publications in the
    Web of Science database
  2. In the drop-down box above the article select ‘Save to ResearcherID - I wrote these’ 
    This publication will be added to your ResearcherID profile


You can also populate your account with publications via Endnote or a RIS  file.
Note that publications added to your ResearcherID in this way will not display metrics nor will they export to UQ eSpace when linked.

IMPORTANT: ResearcherID does not automatically update with new publications, so you will need to add publications as they are published to keep your ResearcherID publication list up-to-date.

Link your ORCID to ResearcherID

Associate your ORCID and ResearcherID accounts to populate your ORCID record with your publications in ResearcherID and vice versa.