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Researcher identifiers and profiles

Information on establishing and using researcher identifier and profile systems

Researcher identifiers and profiles

Establishing your identity as a researcher is essential to distinguish yourself and get credit for all your work. IMPORTANT  Make sure your profiles  are kept up-to-date,  or you may not be getting  credit for your work

Researchers may have the same or similar names causing ambiguity issues in systems that manage research. Many organisations and systems have addressed this dilemma by implementing varying code schemas to identify individuals. 

See which profiles you need to set up in the table below.

What profiles do I need?

Identifier/Profile Essential Recommended Automatic
ORCID Get one and use it    

Google Scholar Citations Profile

Establish and keep updated    


  Especially if you have publications indexed in the Web of Science database  
Scopus author identifier


  If you have publications indexed in Scopus - search for yourself or your papers in Scopus to see if you have this ID
Publons   If you are peer reviewing articles  
UQ eSpace     When you are employed as a researcher at UQ
UQ Researchers     When you are employed as a researcher at UQ

Other public profiles - ResearchGate,, Loop, LinkedIn, SSRN, Twitter are optional