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Researcher identifiers and profiles

Information on establishing and using researcher identifier and profile systems


Publons logo​​​​Publons provides credit to researchers for completing peer reviews (without breaking reviewer anonymity).
Researchers can record, verify and showcase the peer review work done for journals.

Publons and privacy

Publons provides verified credit for peer review without compromising your anonymity or violating journal policies.

By default Publons will show the journal for the review and hide the review content - this setting is most suitable but you can change these privacy settings at any time on your Review Display Preferences.

More information on Publons reviewer permissions

Publons and ORCID

Publons can connect your reviewer activity to your ORCID record

If you already have a Publons account, go to Settings -> Account and add your ORCID iD

How do I get a Publons account?

If you are a UQ staff member:

  1. If you haven't already, register for an ORCID or link an existing ORCID at UQ Researcher Identifiers 
  2. Then go to the Publons section of UQ Researcher Identifiers and follow the prompts to register for a new Publons account or link an existing Publons account to your ORCID  
  3. Finalise setup of your account making sure you add the University of Queensland as your institution

Populate your Publons account:

  1. Forward 'thank you for reviewing' emails to
  2. Publons will verify and add a record of your reviews to your public reviewer profile.
    All sensitive information is hidden by default to protect reviewer anonymity.

If you are a student, register for free at Publons

Publons at UQ

Researchers can see their peer review activity from Publons represented on their UQ Author Statistics profile when they have created/connected a Publons account to UQ via UQ Researcher Identifiers (make sure your ORCID is connected first)

Review profile in UQ Author Statistics

University of Queensland at Publons