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Researcher identifiers and profiles

Information on establishing and using researcher identifier and profile systems

Google Scholar Citations profile

Google Scholar logoA Google Scholar Citations profile enables you to keep track of citations to your articles and provides an easy to maintain online presence for your scholarly work

Create your Google Scholar Profile

Log in or create a Google account and complete the steps to setup your profile

Make sure you:

  • Use your name as it is spelled on your papers
  • Include your institutional email (eg., you will receive an email to this address that will need to be verified in order for your profile to appear in search results
  • Make sure your profile is set to public so that it will appear in Google Scholar results when people search for your name.
  • Select the appropriate update option -
    • Google Scholar can automatically update your profile*
    • be alerted every time Google Scholar wishes to add a publication to your profile

* if selecting automatic updates, check the accuracy of your publication list regularly

Link your Google Scholar Profile to UQ eSpace

Link your Google Scholar Profile to UQ eSpace to display a badge on your UQ eSpace profileUQ eSpace badges

To link your Google Scholar profile to UQ eSpace:

  1. Locate the 12 character string after user= in the URL of your Google Scholar profileExample of Google Scholar Profile web address
  2. Log in to UQ eSpace, go to the PREFS tabScreenshot of UQ eSpace PREFS tab
  3. Enter the 12 character string (described in step 1) in the Shows field where Google Scholar identifier is entered in UQ eSpace
    Google Scholar field in theMy Author Identifiers box


    4. Click Update My Author Identifiers