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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies : Get started

Discover and access Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander resources.


Performance by Nunukul Yuggera Aboriginal Dancers

UQ Library provides access to a wide range of resources that will help you with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies. Use this guide as your starting point

LIBRARY 101 online tutorial

LIBRARY101 is an online information literacy tutorial. It consists of six modules that guide you through everything you should know about locating and using the UQ library. Complete all 6 modules or just the modules you need.

To do LIBRARY101, log in with your UQ username and password and then click the "Submit" button. Go to LIBRARY101 now.

Recommended Books

Start with an encyclopedia, dictionary or handbook to get an overview of your topic, or an explanation of terminology or concepts you're unfamiliar with.

The Library holds many books on the subject of Australian languages, including the various dialects